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Customer Service Solution

HappyOrNot is an easy to use simple solution to gage customer and patient satisfaction. The tool is simple yet sophisticated with no language barrier as it is symbol and colour based. You ask a predetermined question and they simply touch the appropriate button – data will reveal if they are Happy or Not.

Implemented as a Key Performance Indicator and management tool, all areas of the organization are covered to ensure continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction and service performance. The reporting serves both operational (detailed, short term) and strategic (overview, long term) needs. Our service encourages and motivates personnel in achieving their objectives and improving their work in day-to-day operations.

  • Provides data fast to support and enhance decision-making. Improves customer satisfaction, service reputation and customer loyalty.

  • Helps your company improve its competitive position and grows your profits.

Data Collection Units

Units are totally wireless and ready-to-use out of the box, requiring no external power source. Your customers answer the regularly changed question by pressing the smiley button that represents their perception of service quality that day, and results are transmitted in real time via a GSM network to our reporting system. The device is always located where the customer service experience takes place, making it extremely easy to capture high volumes of feedback.

Devices come in a range of special set up options, such as Standard Independent, Wall-mounted, Table-top and Handrail, making it easy to incorporate into your company.

Intelligent Reporting Service

Automated, easy, and quick to read reports, delivered with the required content at the right intervals, and providing to-the- hour information and analytical customer and patient data. Cloud based service, meaning that data can be accessed with any internet-connected device, anywhere, anytime. Our web-based reporting service for historical data, deeper reviews, and report and data exports, plus Net Promoter Score (NPS) compatibility and automatic receipt of data to your dashboard via our Application Program Interface (API), makes our service the complete package for your organization.

  • Service unit rankings and trends for management.

  • Service unit records with accurate results for customer and patient management.

  • Top-level summaries for chain management, measure what’s working and what’s not for your customer.

Comparing HappyOrNot to other Surveys

HappyOrNot ­– Averages 23% response rates some reported as high as 80% with a cost as low as $0.01 per results gathered and delivered.

Online Surveys – Average response rate 0.75% with a cost of as much as $25.22 per usable response.

Telephone Surveys – Average of 9% response rate at an average cost of $40.00 per survey.

Receipt Surveys – most surprising factor is an extremely low response rate of less than 1% with costs varying dependent on discounts or giveaways offered.

Mystery Customers – Dependent on customer to gather results that can cost anywhere from $50 - $500 per visit.