Fiber Optics & Backbone Services

Fiber optic cabling has become more common in business environments. The high bandwidth, light weight and small size of fiber cable means it can be used over greater distances than copper cable, making fiber optic cabling an ideal solution when running copper cables would be impossible based on the limitation of distance that copper provides.

ELCOMM provides fiber optics cabling and termination expertise. Whether you require installation, termination, or splicing; we are equipped to handle all of your fiber optic needs. All installations are inspected with the latest testing equipment and certified.

Data Network Cabling

Network stability is critical Cloud enablement and to providing access to your business systems and communication. We design and build solid network systems that don’t fail. We are certified and provide solutions including:

CAT5e is a specification designed for data networks to support very high-speed data transmission, such as Gigabit Ethernet, at a bandwidth of 100Mhz. This system is suitable for general business applications.

CAT6 is a specification designed for use in next generation data communications networks, and will comfortably support all present applications including Gigabit Ethernet up to 250Mhz. This system is suitable for high bandwidth applications, which require an increased data throughput.

CAT6a cabling and CAT7 is a specification designed for use in backbone communications networks and is capable of 10 Gigabit data transfer up to 100 metres at 550Mhz

Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD)

ELCOMM has RCCDs available with extensive experience in the industry which allows us to offer our customers value-added services during the design and planning stage.

Network Switch Design and Implementation

Our designers and staff are capable of not only designing solutions to fulfill your needs but implement and install the required materials for your project.

AutoCAD and As-Built Software Drawings

Our available CAD designer can produce new and As-Built drawings that are required for your project. We can make the changes to your drawings to reflect the work that is being done so that you have an accurate file for your records. We have support for all disciplines and site development drawings which can be updated or suited to your specifications and layering.

Telephony Solutions

ELCOMM can design and install a system built to support your business into the future. We employ qualified technicians capable of installing telephone key switch units, voice cable, data frames, and other equipment associated with telephone and data systems.

UPS Installation and design

ELCOMM is able to provide Uninterruptible Power Source solutions for your critical operations and ensure that a power loss will not cripple your business with complete design and installation capabilities to suit your environment and needs.