Network Solutions

Incubus access to information and data are linked to growth in revenue. ELCOMM provides the design and implementation of robust, reliable networks that focuses on innovative technologies that provide a competitive advantage for our clients. We believe that it is a combination of wireless and wired network infrastructure that enables applications and information to flow securely, fast and with ease of use to your end user.

The design phase of any Network Solutions is critical to ensure maximum up time, it is here that ELCOMM brings value. We preform onsite surveys to understand the physical environment and how it will impact the technology solution needed. We will consider the telecommunication providers and applications that need to be transported on the network, keeping security at the forefront of the design. Our services include the installation and the support needed manage the network as well. We maintain the certifications, skills and experience to ensure that you build a rock solid network as cost effective as possible.

Positive Patient Experience, 
Healthy Performance

Healthcare administrators know that the better patients feel emotionally, the faster they will heal physically. This is one of the key motivating factors behind the success of a healthcare facility. With the ever growing need to set themselves apart from their competition and attract the best medical personnel, healthcare providers need to establish an image and brand presence in the market that conveys added value, differentiation, focus on the patient and their visitors, and quality of patient care.

Improved Performance Boosts Satisfaction

HappyOrNot has been present in both private and public healthcare facilities across the globe for years, providing these clients with our satisfaction and performance monitoring services. Our services are implemented as both a key performance indicator and a management tool that enables continuous monitoring of patient and visitor satisfaction, helping organizational leaders to incorporate patient experience and enhance the culture where service is deemed an important strategic goal for healthcare facilities.

  • Strategic communication planning and Implementation

  • World class installation services

  • White glove support services including fully managed offering